I know just enough about HVAC to blow myself up so I thought I would seek advice on this issue. I noticed yesturday that the tempeture in the house was gradually decreasing. Upon further inspection I determined that the 24VAC fuse had blown and I was recieving a lockout signal from the LED. It advised me to change the fuse and it would auto restart in three hours - I assume this is because it is a gas furnace. I waited the three hours and sure enough my furnace powered back on. The inside unit works properly and the heat part works. The outside unit does nothing. I replaced the thermostat batteries. I checked the capacitor it is visually fine and using a voltmeter I determined it is functioning properly. The fan blades are not stiff (I can move them easily). I replaced the outside fuses - just because, made no difference. There is power getting to the motor from the capacitor and when the thermostat is turned on the relay switch activates, makes contact and there is a slight humming noise. I do not know what to or check from here. Local repair company wants $199 for service call and $75 an hour labor plus parts. I want to make sure I've covered the basics before I pay that kind of money to have a fuse replaced.