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    We have a 6 year old Heil Gas Hot Air furnace and a five year old Goodman Central Air unit. They have always worked fine until this summer. The air seems to be working, i.e., coming up cold through the vents. But the force of the air is very weak. In fact, despite the temperature, I turned the heat on for a few minutes to see how strong that would blow out. It too came out very weakly.

    I do not know how to proceed. I have replaced the filter but have questioned whether it was installed in the correct spot from the beginning-sort of sitting on the floor underneath the blower unit--is this the correct area?

    The air returns are clear in various rooms as are the out put vents. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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    Call your local repair company and request a check and clean. You have dirt or fan issues that you can not fix by yourself.

    thanks for your question.

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    Sounds like air flow restiction to me maybe a iced up evaporator or even duct work problem wish i could tell ya more but need more info

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