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    have many of you have had to replace condenser fan blades and the supplier not have correct pitch blades? Also if they have correct ones do they now what effects it has on performance if they sale you the wrong ones?
    p.s. it could change alot just want others input on this

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    We only have one supplier that has a good stock of OEM parts, the rest are 50/50.

    It depends on who you talk to at the supply house, as far as them knowing what the pitch change will do.

    Its just like service tech's, some know more then others.
    And some counter guys could care less.
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    Frown suppliers

    Suppliers in my area need to get a clue! I can't tell you how many times I have had to tell a customer they will have to wait as long as a week over a capacitor. They would probably ban me if I asked for a fan blade.

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    We have had the same equipment/sheet metal supplier for the past 10 yrs. Why? A respected ICP tech svc advisor works out of that branch and personally handles all our orders, works with us closely with those pull your hair out situations and ALWAYS follows up on everything. Our rep from that company is one of the best all around layout guys and extremely knowledgable in the products and bldg applications.
    Our other major supplier on the other hand for controls and boilers, rep has no clue about much but does what he can. 50/50 if an order is going to be correct and store svc. sucks. We're stuck with them. Least of the worse around here.
    My friend owns a decent Johnstone but he can't compete with 50% higher pricing on most items to us and no delivery.
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