I am looking for basic info and suggestions to replace a very old gravity feed gas furnace. I would like to put in a new 90+ high efficiency furnace as well as central air. along with the replacement of a 20+ yr old water heater. What questions should i be asking a contractor and what i should be looking for in terms of a new furnace, ac unit and water heater. Brands may be helpful when discussing topics with contractor. Not sure of square footage of home but i estimate about 1600 to 1800 sq ft. with a second floor. I guess the old furnace is called or nicknamed a spider furnace it is very large and takes up a large part of the basement, alteast 6 to 8 ft square which includes duct work which is 12" or 14" round and is vented through the chimney, Ductwork may be asbestos based. I live in michigan and the brick house is roughly 80+ yrs old. Some basic blown insulation has been done in the attic about 20+ yrs ago. and the hot water heater warrenty expired in 1983. so i assumed its more than 20 or 25 yrs old. I have an older parent living in the home and the heating bills are astronomical and the house boils in the summer months. Need to reduce cost do to fixed income and the possiblity of selling home within 10 or so yrs. I know the furnace is over 40+ yrs old, if not older. The home overall is in decent shape with little or no maintenace over the years, basically nothing falling down. The roof may be replaced in the next few yrs as well. I'm sure the furnace has never been inspected. Also what would be a extremely rough cost to replace this system. I am willing to dismantle the old furnace to help reduce cost. Any help would be appreciated, especially features to look for in a new system and questions i should asking the contractor. Unfortunately unable to move parent out of home due to age, economics and basic stubborness....lol Parent has lived in home 35+ yrs.

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