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    your issue is not with the thermostat. call management and have them send someone out to inspect the system operations.

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    This also could be undersized equipment, due to mistake
    in load calc. or even mismatch equip. which has lead to BTU lose. so there is a large realm of possibities

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    Like was stated, call management for service. it could be a sizing issue but it seems to me in an apartment complex you'd have multiple units with the same issue. Hold back the rent money till they fix it....that always gets the attention. Good luck.
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    Speaking from an Apartment Maint. Supv. point of view...the last thing you want to do is hold back the rent. That will only cause YOU greater problems in other areas. (They'll never admit it, but management loves to retaliate)

    Since it's an apartment community, send a letter to their corporate office. State everything you've gone through with the community, and suggest (not threaten) legal action. Also give them a specific date to have it done. Let them know that if it's not taken care of by that date, (in many places) you can use that portion of your rent to have it done professionally. If you do, make sure you keep your reciepts.

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    It's getting impossible. The landlord I've been dealing with is the management the property owner etc. They don't believe me because whenever they come to see the A/C it's 9 in the morning and still cool outside. (Meaning sure it's cool inside!!)

    The landlords are old and very HVAC ignorant. They keep telling people to change the filters.(It's not the filters). I keep telling them there is a real issue here and demand it to be fixed while still under warranty. But the A/C installer/techie is a real smooth talker and telling the landlord that I'm crazy and the system is sized right nothing's wrong and they're agreeing with him over me because after all, he's supposed to be the pro not me.

    My next COA might be to put a letter in everyones mailbox explaining the issue to see if the problem is widespread, (which I'm sure it is) to get some backing from the other tenants. Some tenants might not even know there is a problem. They may think it's normal to set your A/C at 75 and have it run all day non stop believing the A/C guy when he says that's normal.

    My temperature drop during the day is only 10-12 degrees. If that. That tells me there there should be a problem. Upgrading to a 2.5 ton didn't help much.

    Any advice on if putting the letter in everyones mailbox is a good idea? Or should I hire a reputable tech to check it all out? To prove to the Landlord?

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    Does your system temp all day when it's really hot?

    If it runs all the time, and is able to keep temp, then the system is sized right.

    Lot of new T-stat will stil run the system when it reaches set point.

    so say if you have it set at 75, the temp maybe 75.8 degrees... it hasn't reached the 75.0 degrees.. You don't see the . degrees.

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