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    I am looking at replacing my whole system. I live in nice hot and humid Dallas Texas. 12 seer or 13 seer. Also what type of furnace multi speed or variable speed. Thanks, jmb

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    It your call on the seer. If you can understand the payback times on the more efficient systems, spend the money now. Otherwise spend it later.

    The larger the unit the faster the payback per seer.

    I live in Dallas and had a Trane 14xli put in and our power bill dropped in half. (had a GE heat pump- probably 8 seer if that)

    Definitely go for the variable speed- it will add a .5 seer by itself and it is great for humidity control and comfortable heating. Just set it to auto in summer and leave it on in winter.

    Let me know if you need a referral for an incredible installer. He's done two systems for me now.

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    Why would you only be looking at up to 13 seer when you can get up to 20.5 seer. Also heat pumps are great in this region and can save you just as much in winter if not more and those systems go up to 18.6 seer. If you can find a quality contractor they will give you these options and good reasons to go with them. Good luck.
    HVAC Contractor, Tyler Texas.

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