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    i was wondering if you recommend a newbie some basic material in hvac and its terms. im new to the industry and im excited. where do i begin and what type of info can you give me. thank you

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    You can go to the "For Your Interest" section on the first page of this site where you will find lots of good stuff at no cost.

    You can go to and find material on cumbustion and carbon monoxide plus I have an area there called "Norm's Corner". Again, all free!

    You can also go to where you will find lots of good solid books. The "Technicians Library" is great! You can purchase them as a set or one at a time.

    I have a list of my recommeded books in "Norm's Corner" at the Bacharach site.


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    explain this to me.
    I bought several motors a couple weeks ago.
    They sold me a muliti-h/p motor

    all I need is a different capacitor to go from 1/4 to 1/3 to 1/2,

    How can the capacitor dictate the h/p ?

    I've had 1/3 h/p that take 5/370 and 7.5/370
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    Was posted by NormChris.

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