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    I normally install American Standard, Trane, Goodman, and Gibson heating and cooling equipment but a customer is requesting a 90% Ruud furnace with a 12 SEER Ruud Condenser using a Aspine A-coil with a TXV to achieve a 13SEER rating, can anyone give me any input on these units?? The goods???Bads???Thanks from wisconny

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    If installed properly i think they are as good as some of the ones you mentioned. Properly soldered and a proper vacuumed and should last but you can get a bad unit in any brand. Also going with TEV/TXV is a plus if installed correctly.

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    I think you'll be impressed with the equipment. Former tech rep from our American Standard supplier was checking out a Rheem economy 90 in our shop recently. He sure liked it! So much easier to work on that most. Our techs would prefer Rheem/Ruud over our other brands.

    Not much experience with Aspen coils but better get some. Seems several local vendors are stocking up on them.

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    Rheem/Ruud is a great choice when properly installed. If you have no experience with them, be sure you use correct liquid line size (sometimes they call for a 5/16 when you would think 3/8). I would use a Rheem coil. I so far have had no reason to substitute. Been installing Rheem for five years and have one in my house. Few callbacks (mostly installer error). No breakdowns so far on my system (3 yrs old)

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    I don't think much of aspen coils. Maybe they have gotten better in recent years with leaking problems.

    I thought Rheem was reviving its older A-coil to be used with 13 SEERs. I believe they are a taller coil however.

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    Why do they feel the need for the aspen? IF something were to go wrong, you get much less support. Why not install a 13 SEER system. You are looking for an RAMC outdoor unit, installed with a RCHJ or RCQC coil with a txv on the mod (mod thermostat optional but highly recommneded) and give them the 13 SEER and then some. Or change that to a RARA nd get up into the mid 14's.

    A better compliment would be a RARL outdoor unit (2 stage, 410A) matched with a Mod furnace and a RCQD coil, dending on the size you could see System rated SEER's at as high as 16.9 with very good EER's and humidity control.

    4 different stages of cooling (2cooling+2humidity) with 13 stages of heat (true modulation)... You would have one happy customer.

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