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    im a newbie to the hvac field and ive been doing a mixture of residential and commercial work. where can i find info for myself to be familiar with the terms and basic knowledge. thanks for taking the time.

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    Your in the hvac field, and have no access to any information? What kind of work do you do?

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    need info

    i started this week and ive been doing commercial and residential a/c and refrigeration. ive been working on trane, york, goodman, and just your average equipment. i just need the basics and the controls and its theories. thanks for responding

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    Just watch all posts by Baldloonie,Robotech,and Normchris.(there's more). You'll be familiar in no time....

    Seriously,I was looking for my old classroom book,but can't find it. It was titled Modern Refrigeration and A/C. I do have it as it is very informative. Glad to see someone actually interested in learning the trade terms.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    need info

    norm chris what is his title i think he has a few books. modern hvac sounds like a good book. where can i get a book like that one

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    All the guys listed go by those names...

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    Modern refrigeration & A/C is sold on e-bay all the time, personally I wont part with mine.
    Also try
    Troubleshooters Guide to R&A/C

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