Thanks for the feedback so far- here are a couple responses:

t527ed: Thanks, I am going to look them up and call today.

miami mike: The tech that came for the leak search had a yellow box with a metal wand of sorts attached to it and he waved it all over the outdoor units and exposed lines and nothing happened, then he went to the crawl space and the attic (by himself) and I could hear some high-pitch beeping tones and he came out and reported the three leaks in each unit.

smokin68: I will definately be reading my warranty literature very thoroughly today- but I am pretty sure it is 10 year Parts & Labor. Thanks.

controldude: Maybe a visit to the local EPA will be an eye-opener to these two contractors...thanks for the suggestion.

miami mike: I too think the coil should have been replaced since day one- which was three years ago.

classical: I am in Virginia- the equipment is not Carrier (and it is not Trane). I am going to spend the weekend putting together a binder with copies of all invoices, service reports, letters, and notes from the past three years, and even some pictures- I am going to send to both contractors, the state disributor, and the manufacturer...maybe a hint about possible further action. About now the triple damages for the deceptive trade practice sounds interesting.

madjack: The warranty did not pay for the gas and go's- I have spent about $750 on Freon and service visits in three years. I had already purchased the 10-year warranty when the equipment was new, I had a Energy Savings Agreement in place with the original contrator, and ultimately purchased a Maintenance Contract from the second contractor. I have had Freon added twice in the past month and have been invoiced for both visits, I got a bill yesterday from contractor 2 for the leak search! For warranty service I call the service contractors and I think they invoice back to the Virginia state distributor. It is ALMOST getting humorous...

jultzya: Thanks for the link-- that is too funny! Being an electrician I found it interesting but not as amusing as some of the reponses.

mikej: Unfortunately I think this is what will probably end up happening- me getting a lawyer involved. I really think things should be resolved prior to that but I am getting nowhere on my own and it appears I have been taken advantage of for the last three years.

Thank you all!