My home is ten years old and I have two heat pumps- one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I have a 10-year extended parts & labor warranty on all the equipment. Both indoor units needed a "charge" three years ago and I was billed for two pounds of freon. A couple months later the units again needed a pound each, a couple moths after that the same thing again. After the fourth time I sent a letter to the installing / servicing contractor asking him to a do a leak search, which he never did. I ended up sending about six letters before I finally got frustrated and called the manufaturer and was given the name and number of another contractor in my area. The replacement contractor came on board and added freon twice before I finally asked them in writing to perform a leak search. It seems verbal requests get no attention. I called the manufacturer rep for the state of Virginia and explained my situation- I had concerns the warranty would expire before my problems resolved- I was told it would be taken care of regardless. Finally, the replacement contractor performed a leak search three days after my ten-year warranty expired and found three leaks in each indoor unit and they can not be repaired. After waiting two months and adding freon three times I called and asked the contractor what is going on! I have been told the manufacturer is deciding whther to warrant the coils or not, and if they do replace the materials they will not pay the labor. I would be expected to pay this!
The end of the story: Freon has been added eight times for a total of 12 pounds over three years; I sent seven written requests combined to two different contractors and even talked to the state distributor rep twice and the the manufacturer twice for a leak serch prior to my warranty expiring.
Now what should I do? Do I have any rights? Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide.