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    actualy,I work for a oil company and this is my first year doing ac tune ups.I just learnig.went to school for 2 years and I been with this company almost a year but if I don`t put it to practice it won`t do me any good.thanks for the help guys.

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    ouotdoor ambient
    indoor wet bulb, and drybulb temp
    suction pressure
    suction line temp
    liquid line pressure
    liquid line temp
    coil delta
    type of metering device
    condition of coils

    Just a few of the things you should know and check when working on an a/c.

    As you have questions, come back and ask.

    Go to the for youor interest forum and read, there is alot of valuable info there.

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Originally posted by rotary43
    suction pressure 80 head pressure 300.could it be dirty coil or low on freon.
    Low charge = low pressures both sides typically, again I say typically there are always exceptions.
    High head =
    dirty condenser
    fan problem
    re circulation
    high load
    and other factors like your bent fins, comb them out and see where it runs.

    Welcome to the trade, keep practicing we all are, and when you post a question you are our eyes and ears at your site give us all the info and we will help. Always need pressures, temps, subcooling and superheat posted to give good answers Good luck

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