Hi all,

First, i am a Trane guy...Dont dislike Johnson controls, just dont know it. Love Tracer Summit, dealing ok with ES, and i kinda dig tridium.

BUT.... we have a huge customer who has a newer metasys system and wants a "button" to perform a preset load shed to cut amperage.

They will obviously give me a list of what devices they want killed, however, without any of the Johnson programming toold (Hvac Pro, GX-9100, etc) just with administrator level access to metasys i am looking for a solution to create a button on a graphic, and temporally override a group of devices to unoccupied state for either a hard set time, or an adjustable period of time.

my boss, the sales guy, thinks there is no reason this shouldn't be possible. HELP!!!!!

Do any of the metasys guys have any ideas how to do this? Pretty Please? will gladly trade for Trane and or Novar solutions.