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    Don't forget you have to set this up with the correct "priority" as compared to other controls and overrides, + it would be real easy to screw this up.

    Froz'ninWpg, wouldn't you be creating a BV object?
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    NewportNic, you are correct. It should be a BV not a BD, too much time in PMI world I think. Also, I use priority 14 everytime I use an interlock or LCT connection. This way when you look at the priority table you will see it is commanded by an application. When commanding through an Interlock you do not necessarily need to go through an LCT to make a connection.

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    The reply from EXWTK does seem to be the easisest way to go. I did forget that option. You will have fun with the priorities on each of the points as mentioned by someone else. Don't expect to just program and walk away; Develope a commissioning doc and go through it.

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    LCT issue

    You can not use LCT as it does not have a "release" function. Once again JCI missed something important. Simply insert an interlock. They are simple to use and pretty self explanatory. You will reference the data point explained before and if it is on you will override something off and release at same relatively high priority when data point changes back so it goes back into normal operation. You can also set up the releases to have delays so all does not come on at the exact same time.

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    You guys aer awesome...thank you very much for the guidance. Back at work on this task now after a brief break to put out other fires. I will let ya'all know how it turns out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Froz'ninWpg View Post
    In oder to do this you will need admin rights in Metasys with the ability to see the "All Items" tab.
    From there, locate the NAE-XX in the tree and there should be a folder called programming. In this folder, insert a new folder called lighting override. Then highlight that folder and insert a BD. You can call this whatever you want but LITE-OVR as an item name will be usefull. Then give it a long description to let your customer know what it is.
    Inside that folder you can also either add an Interlock object that you can use to control the other items off/on by the status of the LITE-OVR object you just created.
    Too add it to the graphic, move the graphic into the viewer pane on the right. If you have admin rights the edit button on the graphic, top left corner, will be available. Once in the edit mode you select the LITE-OVR in the navigation tree on the left. Under the dymanics tab in the graphic select the button of choice and move it over. This button will be linked to the item you have highlighted on the left.
    I would also suggest that if there are user views setup, add the LITE-OVR in the text as well.
    Hope this helps.
    Im on it...The instructions have been awesome thus far. Being a JCI newbie, how do i tie the interlock to the loads i want to enable/disable?


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    Quote Originally Posted by metasystech View Post

    You can not use LCT as it does not have a "release" function. Once again JCI missed something important.
    The release function in LCT is listed in the "Constant" folder. You might want to read the help file....

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