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    I need help here i have an old a/c unit dont know what kind it is...But the downstaris gets nice and cold but the upstaris is so hot and i cant figure out why....I let the A/C run all day long and it still feels hot up if you got any ideas of what to do that would be great


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    ???????????????? VENT DAMPERS ?????????????????????????
    Look around AH or Furnace duct above plentium see if you have vent dampers adjust to aloow cool air upstairs cool air drops and change over for heat since hot air will rise. call a pro have a preventive maintenance check.

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    you cannot cool upstairs when the ac provides cooling for downstairs also. upstairs will alway require more conditioing than downstairs.
    you need to have a 2 zone zoning kit installed. this will be cheaper than installing a seperate system and will
    keep your utilities lower than running 2 systems.

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    I disagree with airworx last thread check to see if vent dampers are open for upper level AIR WORXS just trying to sell something alot of homes in my service area have 3 level homes and there are vent dampers to control air flow this is found on older homes and even newer homes

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    well if you have 3 levels install a 3 zone zoning kit.
    and dampers are for trial and error. zoning kits are accurate. and you cannot condition a multilevel home
    especially the upper areas with dampers.

    and im not tring to sell anything. especially if it not in the fort worth dallas area. i am providing a clue for
    a total repair not a bandaid.

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    I wouldn't jump to conclusions and condemn airworx there hvac35tec. Not enough information given to make a judgement. You may be right, but zoning systems are the only way you can consistently keep desired temperatures in a multi level home with one system. Dampers help and can sometimes be good enough, but loads change and desired temperatures change and manual dampers do not unless you walk down and change them.

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