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    why are my postings being deleted ?

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    Hmmmmm.. Maybe because your a DIY pretending to be a Pro? Maybe because all your posts end up being step by step "how to" threads.

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    When the rules are broken, they seem to disappear...

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    No, actually I am a profesional repair person,who is going into the HVAC field,believe me no sane person would (or should) do their own full heat/air attic installation.

    Sorry about all those basic questions,

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    Going into the HVAc field starts with going to classes.
    Be it day or night.
    Not On HVAC-TALK .com

    We all or most have been to and graduated from the school of hard knocks.

    So that is where the problem starts, we can all tell who has experience, and who has BS.

    I'm not kicking you, just saying be striaght with us and you'll get your answeres.

    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    pro would not be asking the basic questions. he would already know the answers. even if you never did an install, if you repaired them you saw how it was done.

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    Regardless of expertise this is still NOT a DIY site.

    DIY threads, questions and answers have a life of their own. What happens if we give out repair directions and it kills or injures the person we thought was qualified?

    We have rules not to anger you but because they are well thought out rules.

    We all are wanting to help everyone, but we just can’t due to the difficulties of working on the other end of the computer and safety.. If we tell you, we end up telling everyone because once it is posted… it is posted here for all to read and try.

    Thanks for looking at from our point of view.

    Forum Rules

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    Thank you,

    this site is very impresive,


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