A lot of water is leaking out of my air handler. It seems clear that the core is freezing and then thawing. When this happens the amount of water that is created is so great it overflows the pan and pours down the side of the unit ( it is a 5 ton). I recently replaced the blower motor, the thermostat, and the filters- so its nothing conected with those items. What it seems like is that the blower fan is not always coming on when the unit turns on. At times I'll be in the house and it feels stuffy so I check the thermostat to find out that it is warm in the house and the unit is running except the fan has not turned on. If I click the thermostat to off and then turn it back on the unit will cycle but then the fan will almost immediatly turn on. Could this mean they installed a faulty fan motor or would it seem more likely to be the sequencer? Is there something else I should check?