I have a dual fuel system (heat pump and gas boiler with no supplimental electric) that I want to control with the same thermostat. I'm looking at a cheaper White-Rodgers model (1F85-277) as I don' have problems programming them. It is two-stage and has W1 and W2 terminals (for heat pump and gas boiler, respectively). However as I understand it the normal configuration for heat pump t'stats is for W2 to be hooked to supplimental electric heat, which is called for only when the heat pump (on W1) can't keep up. When it is too cold, I'd like to be able to not use the heat pump at all and go straight to the gas boiler (on W2). Do the typical 2-stage heating thermostats allow you to do this or do I need a more expensive model (other White-Rodgers or Honeywell)?