I'm in a small place, a townhouse about 1200 sq feet, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Everyone's said to get a 1.5 ton central air unit, about 10 seer since it's Toronto and it'll generally only run in the hot times of the day during the summer.

Here's the question though - what would be a good QUIET unit to get? How do we watch for that sort of thing?

We've been offered an unknown Keeprite, and a "Carrier" system made by Carrier but unlabelled, for about the same price. Both are good-price 10 SEER units I think. Does anyone know where I can find sound ratings for residential central air con units?

We want to mount it in the back wall but since we have a deck out there, we dont want the outside fan unit of the aircon to kill us with noise and heat.

Also, what are "Sound Blankets"?