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    Bought a 5 ton Puron Carrier unit 2 years ago with the 10 warranty and today in the 100 degree Texas heat the AC wont work... Called Sears and they said they cound not come out for 1 1/2 weeks. We have 3 foster kids and 2 little Yorkies with long hair used to AC, they cant live in this heat for that long with no AC... Called Carrier to see if we could get someone else out and they said it would void our warranty if anyone else worked on it but Sears.. Does anybody know what else we can do? The outside unit is working but froze up the inside was frozen too . The fan inside is not coming on, but the motor wasnt hot, so dont think it is the fan motor.. Can someone help???


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    Switch the stat over to the 'fan on' position and see if the fan will run.

    If so, run fan continually till they show.

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    If that doesn't work, buy a small window air for a couple of rooms to tie you over.

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    Bet they bragged about their great service when they wanted you to buy from them huh...

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    Screw the warranty. Hire another contractor if it is that important to get it fixed and don't tell Sears.

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    Contact another company as your problem is not the air conditioner but your furnace (assuming it's a split system). Turn cool mode off and have contractor check and, if deemed necessary, replace your indoor blower
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    I fail to see how it would affect your warranty in any way if you had another authorized Carrier dealer service the system.
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    Carrier Extended Warranty

    If you actually have an extended warranty through Carrier, you can have the servicing dealer changed on it by calling Carrier. Do you have paperwork from Carrier with a contract number on it?

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    i am willing to bet the warranty is through sears and thats why carrier wont recomend anyone else

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    Re: Carrier Extended Warranty

    Originally posted by mr big
    If you actually have an extended warranty through Carrier, you can have the servicing dealer changed on it by calling Carrier. Do you have paperwork from Carrier with a contract number on it?

    Best Idea.

    System may have a ten year parts warranty,good at any dealer.

    Call 800-CARRIER,and ask about switching .

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    Check your air filter.

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    First and foremost you want to maximize airflow across the evaporator coil go RIGHT NOW and check all supply vents make sure ALL dampers are wide open then go directly to the return air grille or grilles remove the expensive pleated filter (with the solid cardboard airfreshener blocking one third of the face) and stomp it down to the bottom of the trash can, install the cheapo high flow blue fiberglass filter without anything in front of it. If the coil still freezes, shut the unit off for a couple of hours with the fan in the on position (to help thaw the coil) as soon as it thaws turn it right back on for a couple of hours and run it, you can probably get it to run pretty good this way if you open up your airflows a bit. Most important thing is AIRFLOW AIRFLOW AIRFLOW AIRFLOW across the coil. If you have one of those silly electronic air filters just yank the guts out and throw it away they are notorious for blocking airflow. Stay cool. A call back to your warranty folks every time you have to shut the unit down to thaw (squeaky wheel gets the grease) probably at least three times per day would probably speed up your service call a bit LOL

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    Sears has a satisfaction guarantee......keep calling them and state that you're not satisfied with a 1 1/2 week wait for service....go all the way to the top,not just the first person that answers the phone. If this doesn't work, call a local Carrier company(yellow pages) and discuss your options. Like was stated,check your filter. And next time don't buy through Sears,aka a middleman. Buy Direct.
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