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    We're replacing our existing extrememly old AC condenser unit soon and need to know from anyone whether we should consider a heat pump instead. The man who will replace it, offered it as an option but said to check it out first. In our old house, the heat pump didn't heat or cool well upstaires but our handy man said that it would have a manual override switch to kick up the air or heat in that case. If anyone has used a condenser versus a heat pump, I'd appreciate your input on which would be best for our approximatly 3000 sq ft home. The condenser we have now, although very old, does cool very well. Just as a side note!

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    i'm assuming you are talking about a duel fuel system, heat pump until a certain temp., then gas?

    this can be a very comfortable and efficient sysyem.

    if hagerstown means maryland it would be a good option if you plan to live there for a long time, efficiency AND comfort wise.

    the upfront costs will be greater.

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