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    I had a Trane XL14i 3.0 Ton Heat Pump Model 4TWX4036A and a Trane Variable Speed Air-Tite™ Convertible Air Handler Model 4TEE3F40A installed and a Trane Electronic Air Cleaner.

    My questions is how do I enable the Comfort-R system? I see where dip switches 5 and 6 have to be in the "On" position in the Air Handler and I see in the wiring diagram that connectors "Y" and "O" should be jumpered together for Single Stage Cooling and 2 Stage Heat. However my system seems to wired like the Single Stage Heat Pump diagram. The Single Stage Heat Pump diagram makes no mention of jumpering "Y" and "O". I am not sure what the difference is between the 2 diagrams. I do not believe I have a huidistat and I am using a Honeywell CT3611 Programmable Thermostat which is basically like the Trane Model TAYSTAT500C.

    Should I have gotten an XL15i instead?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Your system is a single stage heat pump, so look at that diagram.

    On a heat pump system, The O terminal in the air handler is energized in the cooling mode, so Comfort-R will work, you don't want a jumper between Y and O, or your heat won't work correctly.
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    So what your telling me is all I need to do is to set 5 and 6 to "ON" in the Air Handler? Currently 5 is "ON" and 6 is "OFF"

    Also, How can I tell is I have a humidistat installed? And if I don't should I install one and where would I get it?



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