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    a customer call no ac.when i got to the customer house, I found the evaperoter totally iced. defrost the ice. it is a heat pump. I hooked the gage. the low side is only 40 psig, more than 40 supreheating.high side 220 psig, the subcooling is almost 0( Maybe I measureed not accurate). is it undercharge or capilary tube restricted?

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    Dude, aren't you a tech? Sounds like it's low to me but I don't know what the ambients are. Could be possible the RV isn't fully switching over to cool either.

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    Yes. I am. but it is my first time to servie the heat pump.
    ambiet temperature is more than 90f. I don't think rv is not fully open for cooling. it either open or close. it could not be partly open.

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    Did you check the filter, Indoor coil, return air or make sure the blower motor is running? Might as well try a shot of r22.

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    With no subcooling, and high superheat it sounds like a leak.

    Check for a leak.

    Fix the leak, and recharge it.

    Yes, I omitted acouple steps.

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Originally posted by special ed
    Could be possible the RV isn't fully switching over to cool either.
    With a 40 suction?


    You are working on a heat pump in cooling mode. Why would this be any different than a straight AC at this point? Use what you know about AC and dont get hung up on the fact its a heat pump.

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    Dump a gallon of refrigerant into the system and see what happens..........

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    thank you everybody. the high pressure don't lookes like undercharge. when i met some 40 psig at low side, the high side usually don't over 200. I am sure it is undercharge. but this time is different. the head pressure is not low.
    the evaperator coil and filte is ok. the air volume is also ok. I dump some of gas inside it to increase the head pressure. I will go back to see how is it going. if it is a leakage, the problem will be repeat soon

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    I'm curious but what exactly is ok air volume. Just so we stay on the same page here.

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