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    Looking for Siemens APOGEE Parts, York Compressor and Totaline Oil

    I was searching for Siemens APOGEE parts and I came across to this site on the internet. I have a list of parts that I am looking for and I am trying to find reliable suppliers whom I will be able to trust and buy parts from. I would like to get price quote on these parts. I will really appreciate if anybody can help me with the list below.

    PS: I am only looking for BRAND NEW IN BOX parts and not REFURBISHED parts. I had problems with refurbished parts in the past and I do not want to deal with same issues again. It is also important for these parts to be compatible with the Version mentioned below in the chart.

    I am looking forward to your responses.

    Model No______Description_______________________Qt._____ _____________Version
    545-716_________OPEN PROCESSOR 3 MB MEMORY______5________________Insight System 600
    545-714_________POWER MODULE____________________5_____________________CW AO
    540-110_________CONTROLLER______________________10____ ____________Insight v.3.2
    540-509_________TERMINAL VENT UNIT CONTROLLER____10_______________Insight v.3.1
    PTM6.EMK_______MODULE___________________________10 ___________________CWAO
    PTM6.2Y10S_____MODULE___________________________20 ___________________CWAO
    PTM6.2U10______MODULE___________________________50 ___________________CWAO

    CWAO: Compatible with all of

    I am also trying to get a price quote on these;

    York semi hermetic compressor PC 843 T50/46
    Totaline p903-2301 220 VS Synthetic Screw Compressor Oil 5 and 20 gallon cans.

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    p903-2301 you can get this from any carrier dist.

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