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    My installer got me some of those split post compressor grommets that I learned about here. They helped quite a bit with the noise, so thanks to the pros who recommended them. While putting them in, I noticed that my compressor was cool to the touch, cool enough to cause condensation under the sound blanket. It was cool top and bottom. It's a two stage Carrier condenser with Puron. Is this normal? I wonder since the compressors on my refrigerators are quite warm. It seems to work fine though.

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    subcooling and superheat is the only way we can tell you anything. not even pressures will we be able to correctly
    tell you if you have a problem.
    charge is also check at full load not on second stage.
    so if you want a corrct answere besides its ok to be cool then give us some details.

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    I think it was pointed out in the original post that noise from the compressor had alot to do with refrigerant and floodback. It's sorta like the compressor is telling you something. Grommits sounded easier at the time but unless you deal with floodback sooner or later the noise will be more than just noise.

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