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    We are looking for a new hvac sys (one of our two)in our 1927 Ohio house(i.e, no insulation in the walls). The system we are replacing is located in the
    basement and heats and (kind of cools) the basement, a portion of the first floor and all of the second floor.

    I have spoken to five hvac companies, and their solutions/approaches seem to be all over the map.

    two say zoning is the way to go, but when I ask how much experience they have in installing a zoned system, its always been none or one, and the price of entry is fairly significant.

    a third stated that zoning is a terrible idea, having only 30% of the vents open most of the summer would be bad for the system. He suggests a two stage ac, that will continuously(almost) run, sucking out the humidity.

    a fourth thinks a standard ac (not a two stage) with a variable speed fan furnace (always on in the summer) would be a huge improvement over our current system (No doubt, it's an old Armstrong unit, about the size of a bus engine), and should be enough to solve the issue.

    A fifth doesn't work with zoned systems (too complicated), and wants to install a third system for 2nd floor cooling only.

    I know no-one can pass judgement with out seeing the complete application, but i would be interested in feedback on zoning systems in general.

    Also, one of the five stated that instead of running the condensation to the floor drain, via gravity, I really, really needed to pump it over to our laundry tub. He stated that the acidity of the condensation from the higher eff. systems today would eat at the mortar joints of the drain tiles between my house and the septic system, and that it should be mixed with some other water source (i.e., the gray water from the clothes washer). None of the other four mentioned this. Any truth to it?

    Any feedback is appreciated,

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    1st 2 or the 5th would work to your satisfaction.
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Go with the system just for the second floor you will be happy.

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