I have a Trane 2 stage gas furnace and a Trane single stage A/C unit. The contractor installed a single stage Honeywell thermostat. He set the furnace to run at low stage for 10 minutes and then high stage if more heat is needed.
The A/c seems to short cycle. Maybe 5-6 time an hour. Runs for 5-7 minutes and shuts off. Is this type of cycling hard on the a/c unit?
If I were to installed a VisionPro programable t-stat , which model should I install?
The TH8110, 1 heat, 1 cool, and let the furnace run on a time basis , rather than demand.

Or the TH8320 or what every model cover the two stage heat?
Does it matter on the multistage t-stats, if the a/c is only single stage and the heat is multi stage?