My wife & I are considering purchasing a 90-year old, 2000sf colonial in Northeast Ohio that has been retro-fitted from radiator heat to forced air. Most of the windows are newer, but of course the house is not super-well insulated. The newer furnace only appears to have ducts & registers to the first floor, while a high velocity AC has been installed in the attic and has registers in the ceilings of the 2nd floor bedrooms & hallway near the stairwell.

I've usually lived in forced air homes, and truth be told I usually close most upstairs vents during the winter when we're heating the house, and most downstairs vents during the summer when running the AC. But not even having the option to cool the 1st floor or especially heat the 2nd floor directly seems like a gross oversight.

What's your take on the house? Okay, and it will be fine? Poorly designed? Stay away, far away? My thanks in advance.