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    Either or will be just fine provided proper installation guidelines and procedures are adhered to.

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    i dont take no genuis to fiqure out that the paint is falling off, all the screws are loose and the machine is vibrating all over the place, coils are leaking and most are replaced and all this in about 8 to 10 yrs.

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    flip a coin

    a turd is a turd does not matter which of those names is on it

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    Originally posted by appltech1
    warranty companies use either of the 2 brands and the only bad thing about payne is the Bristol compressor. Goodmans cabinet doesnt fit correctly around the bottom. Gaps.
    Either unit can work well with the right installer in charge of the job.

    C'mon appltech, that's what silicone is for!!!

    Seriously, the new Carriers we have,and the new Addisons, both leak air,so no brand is perfect. As soon as they develope a perfect cabinet, the installer will place it on a warped wooden return plenum box.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    Just curious; what are gaps at the bottom of a heat pump unit? Are you referring to the drain openings for defrost condensate
    I'm talking condensing unit, OK.

    Its where the side shell meets the base. There seems to be a lot of places where it just doesnt meet and or look good. Goodman needs about 6 or 8 more screws in it to pull the metal tighter around the edges at the bottom. The top cant be seen unless you turn it upside down

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