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    Originally posted by docholiday
    Oh now Bald, its been done and the result is almost half are not installed and either put into truck stock for a job that "really needs it" or thrown out with the still sealed installation instructions.

    Many mfg's are installing the drier in the outdoor unit, especially 410A units. Personally its a good thing but makes for future replacment of the drier difficult. The mfg supplies the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The contractor is deemed capable enough to supply 18 gauge thermostat wire, proper high voltage wiring, disconnect, pad, breaker, whip, correct copper line set,refrigerant, and all the duct system. Not to mention proper design. Installing a field supplied drier in the field supplied piping should not be the responsibility of the mfg. Its good refrigeration practice and needs to be performed by the installer. After all isn't he supposed to be an expert in refrigeration? (a/c included). What if the job requires a change in liquid line from 3/8 to 1/2? What would be done with the supplied drier?

    PUT it in truck stock ,with the rest of them,if there's any room left!LOL

    Sorry, but its clearly the installers job to add this critical componant other wise it will come preinstalled in the unit where none of us like it.

    That said, I agree there should be a liquid line drier installed on every system. Suction line driers are really not intended to be left in the system, and are generally used as previously pointed out in clean-up applications.

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    What, are you a Parrot?

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