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    AC suddenly began running continuously during night, very, very low air output (what little is coming out of vents feels cool, though)and discovered that copper pipe (?) in closet is encased in ice. I've turned the unit off, but please tell me what the problem is. We're in GA and it's hot and I'm soooo broke! MANY THANKS!

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    Probably owner neglect...

    Have you had it serviced recently?

    Check for a dirty air filter then proceed to call for service.
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    Plugged air filter or low on charge....but that's a guess.

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    HVAC systems are like we are,
    We need to breath in, in order to breath out.

    Put your hand over your mouth and try to breath, not through your nose either.

    When you restrict the air into you lungs you'll expire at some point.

    This is the same with your hvac systems, Having ice is a warning sign. Probably as stated already a dirty filter.
    Check that and if it's clean, turn off the a/c and call for sevice.

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    Thank you from frozen pipe problem!

    Thank you to all the respondents! Yes, the filter was filthy. I am letting it all thaw out; you can hear the ice breaking apart. I can only pray that it will restart okay.

    Again, thank you for your help!

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    Turn your fan to the "on" position not auto, this will thaw the unit faster. good Luck. If is freezes again call for srvice.

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