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    I had an HVAC system installed in my house in Oct 04. The installers put the exhaust grill on the intake port and the intake grill on the exhaust port. The exhuast grill is normally a grill with flaps (much like a dryer vent flaps)that open when the system is turned on the let the exhausted air out of the house. The intake grill is open with a screen to prevent varments from entering. With the two mixed up, the intake was constantly closed and the exhuast was always open to the elements.
    My question is how will this affect the system operation and will it cool off the house unnesseceraly to the point my heating bill would increase by 25-35%?
    I had the vents swapped to the correct ports and all is good, I hope.

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    It shoudn't run long enough to heat, just soot it up. All is good, I woundn't count on that either.

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    Technically, it shouldn't have ran at ALL!

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    If it couldn't get any combustion air the pressure switch should have shut the unit down.

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    Are you taking aout a fresh air system?

    Or a vent system for the furnace its self?

    If a fresh air system, then yes, it could raise your heating bill, because it put the house in to a neg pressure.

    If furnace vent, then yes, since the exhaust is not air tight, it might have allowed just enough air for combustion, but not enough for complete combustion, so it might have been at 60% instead of 90% eff.
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