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    my understanding is that all systems have to meet 13 seer
    with the use of a std. blower not v.s., my rep told me that ari will not rate a unit 13 if it has to use vs. blower to get there .......

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    I know I am bringing up a post from the past but I have a few questions to ask and hope anyone can provide an answer.

    I have the Trane XR13 (Open top) and was wondering if I could get a "Weather Handler II" top to make it look like the XL13? (I like the look of those covered tops)

    Do they make replacement tops for the discontinued XL13? If so where can I order one?

    Is the fan mechanism different in the XR13 and XL13 that would restrict the airflow?

    I heard about Kool Kaps and it sounded like a good idea but I would rather see if I can put the Weather Handler II top on my XR13.

    I would like to say I am learning alot from all of you in this forum and thank you for any help you can provide! Thank you!

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