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    Liebert stat replacement

    Working on a liebert m/n mme-036ephi placed in a ceiling with a water cooled condenser. The stat is shot. My question is, can I use a regular stat like a honeywell 6000 for example and connect it so the system so it will work. Customer wants to keep price down and was told by Liebert the updated replacement stat is 3000.00. He basically wants it to run on cooling with no apparent monitoring of humidity etc.

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    you can do it, with a t-stat. but you will have no humidity control at all, unless you get some sort of humidistat. also if you do this you are basically gutting the old board.
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    Try a Viconics VT7657 Equipment Controller with Space Humidity Control. You're not suppose to discuss price in this forum but it is much less than the number you mentioned in your post.

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