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    Saturday 2nd call I get a two unit maintenance!

    I do NOT agree with doing maintenance's year round in Phoenix. Guarenteed it will be BLOW N GO especially on a call like this with ****ty access, and the customer mentions HOME WARRANTY!

    So I was on call and so I also worked Saturday and Sunday.
    When I got this call Saturday at 11AM I was PISSED!

    ESPECIALLY when right away I get showed to the ATTIC unit!!!
    This was AFTER I got him to take down his **** from the shelves. This access is not even CLOSE to 24"x24"

    And there's the unit. A 30 yr old RUUD that I can barely reach, yet alone access!

    NO catwalk. And that's the access panels where them trusses are in the way.

    Like we would EVER clean them coils!

    There's the condenser for this system. Nice.

    Customer ignorance is bliss. He acted SURPRISED that them bricks being there is a bad idea!

    being pissed off to be doing a maintenance at OVER 100 degrees. That's what I moved so I could clean the coil.

    After this job was done. i got a commercial job. Me being the only commercial tech on that Saturday.

    Get to the resteraunt afternoon to find a BAD compressor. If I had gotten the call instead of the maintenance I could have got a compressor before ARS closed at noon. But that resteraunt stayed at 90 degrees all weekend!

    Then after that call, I could have about quit my job.

    The dispatcher calls me on my personal phone (weird) rather than over the nextel (POS).
    To tell me that Sunday morning at 7:30 sharp I'm going to south East Scottsdale to do a 2 unit maintenance!!!!
    I live in the North WEST valley a good hour or more away.

    Pissed off about the Saturday/July maintenance while we're letting CASH calls go, I told her a few things as well as said my wife expects me to go to CHURCH before I ran my EMERGENCY calls so I would NOT be doing that maintenance and I was TOLD by supervisors I was a BACKUP for emergency onloy that the Sunday tech could not keep up with.
    My dispatcher argued and tried to manipulate me into doing it. Saying I would be in trouble if she had to call the supervisors. I told her she BETTER so THEY can tell me I'm doing a facking maintenance on Sunday.

    Anyway. I finally called my super who straightened her out. A dispatcher who a lot of techs have problems with for making her OWN decisions like that.

    All she could say was how we could loose a long time customer because the suctomer wanted a SENIOR tech only and needed SUNDAY.

    I thought loosing a employee would be more important!

    Anyway. Anyone else get weekend maintenance's on 110 degree days on a somewhat regular basis???

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    payson you are way overworked and underpaid. ive been reading your post for several months now. ist time replying. If a company treated my worst enemy like that i would feel sorry for him. you have shown to be an excellent hvac mechanic, why do you accept such abuse? you need to find a company that has the brains to due maintenace during the slow seasons and puts the welfare of thier employees above that of some old geez who wants a maintenance on a sunday of all things. that would be some double time pay that would wipe out any profits for the company. hey im not kissing up or nothing but you have a great attitude excellent work habit and are a safe worker,except for the ring. You probably have tried but maybe a full commercial company would be a better option. Most companys' hours are 8 to 5 and they hate paying overtime unless absolutly neccesary. Time is money. Wasting away for some crappy maintenace on a hot sunday no thanks, no argument needed with crazy slave driving dispatcher who's got somthing to gain off of your sore back. reply if you read please

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    And that Sunday maintenance that the other Sunday guy DID do was PREPAID per a contract.

    What happens is we have TOO MANY of them for our staff. then April came and we got the first wave of no cools. Our office wanted some of that CASH from the no cools so they rescheduled a sheet load of maintenance contract customers throughout May, June, July, etc....

    First of all they should have ate it back then and got them done.

    2nd of all. I have not seen our tech count increase enough to keep up with what we have. yet alone the hundreds of NEW contracts them office girls sell over the phone each month.

    Who's going to do all of those next fall/spring??

    If we can't do our customer base from Feb to April already, then what???

    8 to 5 would be NICE. The first A/C co I worked for was year round work (got no cools, got no heats in the snow) and we generally worked 8 to 5 unless stuck on a job trying to finish up.

    I also got my entire day's route handed to me at the beginning of the day and routed PER the drive.

    Ahh. Miss those days sometimes... It's so different in the Phoenix area. And I'm STILL getting tired of these locals saying "YOU picked your career. That's how it is for A/C techs. Work long hours in the summer, take it easy in the winter" except that we get 50+ hr work weeks in the winter too to do all them P.M.'s.

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    I don't know how you can handle the rezi calls, Payson.

    Ditch this company and go strictly commercial. ( I know you do comm service as well)..

    We'll all sleep easier knowing you're not belly-wopping in attics in July ffs

    I work with the Chiller Whisperer...

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    We don't do maintenance on weekends unless a tech specially volunteers. We don't do attics unless it is first call in the morning but we're lucky that we have very few attic units.

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    Maintenance on weekends? What do you guys charge for maintenance (rhetorical)? Hope it's enough to cover overtime. Sounds like the dispatcher should be flippin' meat at Ronald's.
    No reserve. No retreat. No regrets.

    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

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    We stopped selling maintenance contracts because we have "enough". Our "preseason" cooling tune up special ends June 1, if someone wants maintenance after that, it is at regular service rates.
    Any service performed on a sunday is at doubletime rates...
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    Everyone needs a little taste of hell to keep them on the straight and narrow, I would say you have already far surpassed your quota. It doesn't seem right in this profession the more you know the more crap jobs you get,this is ass backwards
    Nothing is magic, it works or doesn't work for a reason.

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    You sound stressed out.
    Get a doctor to give you a note.
    Straight 40, no weekennds.

    Do you know a good doctor?

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    don't feel left out. I worked for Arizona Refrigeration when I moved here. They run maintenance 24/7 as well. I couldn't understand the logic of it either.

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    dude, get out of their while you still have some sanity left

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    Originally posted by billg
    Everyone needs a little taste of hell to keep them on the straight and narrow, I would say you have already far surpassed your quota. It doesn't seem right in this profession the more you know the more crap jobs you get,this is ass backwards
    THAT my friend is what I'm trying to say

    Started out doing INSTALLS. Worked mostly 8 hr days, a little over when a job could be finished the same day within reason.

    I already had education on electrical/electronics did mechanix, etc so then boss quickly moved me into service.
    Almost immediately I was fixing ice machines and low temp. Did that for a few years. Great year round work without being killed silly.

    THEN I moved down here in 2001 to get away from SMALL town thing (Was divorced, single parent and had more for me down here).

    Started with a company and worked there 3 years. Then I immediately started getting ass kicked working balls to the wall. Had to work Saturdays in summer and long hours. But at least pager stopped at 10PM and had really tight routing except when I got into position to do "lead tech" then I drove around more.
    Eventually being the guy to get all the FUKKERED up calls that some techs could not fix. That's ok for some things. Not for bullsheet calls when techs just give up if it's "too hard" etc.

    Then got talked into this place. After 1 yr I become a MAGNET for the "messed up calls" plus the BS maintenance shoved in the middle. I like most of the commercial stuff except driving from West to East, back and forth, etc.
    And these guys take away MORE days i.e. a SUNDAY rotation.
    I didn't realize it was like that till too late.

    So YES. After nearly a decade into this I'm working MORE hours, not getting home till dark year round!
    I don't even have time to watch a movie anymore cuz the wife's too tired to start one at 9PM

    ANother tech got his hours cut a bit from a dr note. He started having HEART problems. Only 5 yrs older than me!

    I need to get more normal hrs so I can have a normal family again.
    Think that is possible in the AZ Valley? Of course I'm told by these companies "NO. That's the life of a service tech".

    DUCKMAN, do you STILL work there doing them 24/7 PM's?

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