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    Our condenser on our 11 yr. old AC is dead. No one has been able to solve 2nd story cooling problems. We have been told by two other contracters that the ductwork is undersized and that there is a lack of sufficient return air. Current thoughts are to increase both the supply and demands ductwork sizes at the furnace, as well as adding another return in the basement.
    Contracter sells Lennox and Comfortmaker, but apparently can't get a Lennox right now. We are to choose either a 3 ton 13 SEER and a 4 ton 14 SEER as well as the appropriate coil changeover. Any thoughts?

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    Condensor is dead?? what exactly is wrong with it? I have seen people trash out units that only needed a capacitor or contactor, did you get a death certificate stating cause of death? if not a second opinion may be needed. If money is no option you can find someone to fix your cooling problem fairly easily, guaranteed. Keep in mind most residential work is low ball, blow and go so you have to find the big EXPENSIVE outfit that really does the custom high end work. 100k budget should get you fixed up nicely with A1 equipment and A1 install and service if any cash is leftover just go on holiday man LOL.

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    First off, your to choose between 3 or 4 ton? How about a proper load calc on your home first to find out what the actual needs are. Get three quotes and forget the first reply. Proper system install should be in your budget. Good luck.
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    Thanks, Millerman. Will do. Our home is older and so are we.
    Other attempts to cool our 2nd story by three other contractors weren't successful. Best result was when a shade tree on the west side grew large enough! Lost it to a storm three years ago. Will try to find two other reputable firms for bids and get the load calcs done.

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    How about a second unit in the atick

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    I'll take zoning for $1000 Alex...
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    I second the motion: load calculation. Nothing SCREAMS load calc like a recommendation between two totally different sized systems.

    Seriously, second floor cooling problem is most likely architectural and not mechanical. By that I mean your 'older' home may have been originally built with a heating only system. When a/c was added, you were short on cold air return to 2nd floor and possibly short on overall airflow. Not an uncommon problem. Have to look at what can realistically be done, and understand completely, what the results will be.

    None of us really wants to 'experiment' with your home and your system any more than you want to pay for it.

    11 year old system is on the inside edge of national average life span. If you can do it effectively (architecturally speaking) I agree that looking at zoning with a separate 2f system is a viable option.

    The biggest issue with getting enough cooling to the 2f from the existing system is probably the cold air return. I am always open to the idea of working within the context of the system you already have, IF it the anticipated results can be achieved, and IF it is cost-effective to do so.

    Don't add insult to injury by having some expensive work done, only to be right where you started. Be sure ANYONE providing you with a proposal clearly states what should be expected after the work is complete.

    Anybody can come in and help you spend your money.
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    Justfixedit; Your proplem is mostly based on poor duct design. Lack or proper Return air (especially upper levels in a home) is the culprit.
    Duct design and sizing is almost a trade of it own. Have a reputable hvac tech come in and give your system the tlc it needs.
    You'll be glad you did.

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