I have a window unit in an office. Humidity (RH) stays around 65%. It doesn't have an auto mode (I guess most don't) so it is always on. I have read on this forum that when the AC is "on" rather than "auto" the RH will be higher. Is there a way to retro-fit this unit with a thermostat that will have an auto mode? If not, can I possibly install a timer to turn the unit on and off at regular intervals? It's a 220 volt unit.
specs: 11500 btu/h
room size:
280 sqft
10 foot cieling
all 4 sides to the exterior
62 sqft of windows low E double pane
well insulated
I think it may be oversized for the space but I was limited because of cool/heat needs and I used some sort of btu calculator that took me to roughly that size based on the building being stand alone and the glass square footage, central texas.