My air has been broke for the upstairs ALL SUMMER!!! After waiting for the "Right " part for the 23 year old Electric York 3 1/2 ton split system for over a month, i've been told now the system is dead(Duh, Ya think?) Anyway enough of the sob story. According to the contractor, the home warentee company, is going to send a unit that will be junk. They have offered to put a better unit in if i pay the difference. I've been reading all day looking for consumer info on what brand to buy. I know it depends on where you live too. I'm in North Carolina. It's very hot and VERY, VERY HUMID. I've learned about varible Speed heat pumps and Scroll Compressor. I'm stuck between the warentee company and contractor and need your expertise in getting a good unit that will last my family a long time and help on the electric bill.

You guys are great and i've enjoyed all the post i've read. You helped me with an attic fan a while ago and it works great. Thanks