The house is 950 Sq.FT. House is using a 2 ton unit. 1st visit from AC Repair Co said Coolant was low and filled it. Didn't solve problem and called again. 2nd Visit they said my Coil needed to be pulled and cleaned. I was shown the coil and agreed (Though I am no expert, but it was pretty dirty).Again we still have the same problem. Basically the A/C is struggling to keep the house cool. During the day the house stays around 80 to 85 degrees. Outside Temp 90 to 95 degress (Central West Coast Florida). At first I thought that what was happening is the A/C was freezing up at night after running all the time to try and keep up with the Temp outside. Then I noticed that in the morning when I wake up there is hardly any air blowing out the vents (Again thinking freezing). I turn off the cool switch and turn the fan switch from auto to run and in about 5 minutes air starts blowing from the vents again. I can then switch the cool switch on and the system seems to run fine, but still can't cool house. I am starting to think I might need to replace the Thermostat or a switch in the air handler I really don't know what is going on any ideas from my diagnosis? The A/C repair Co. said they would be out today, but didn't show and no call, now have to wait for them all day again tomorrow after voicing my displeasure.

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