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    Question Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning

    I have a Janitrol Split System Heat Pump (Goodman Manufacturing Company). The decal on the outside unit is pretty worn in some spots but I could read the following:

    Model: CPJ24- (CPJ24-1AP handwritten on install/operating booklet)
    Heat Pump: G0181770080
    Part Number: 14931-390 (as handwritten on install/operating booklet)
    Central Cooling Air Conditioner: G0182770080
    AC Volts: 208/230
    Compressor RLA: 10.9, LRA: ?unreadable
    Fan Motor FLA: 0.9
    Voltage Max Range: 253, Min: ?unreadable

    I just returned home from visiting family in PA for a week. The house was pretty warm (about 76) and the thermostat was set to heat (about 70) as the weather was pretty chilly here when we left. A friend who was watching the house for us said they didn't have to touch the thermostat.

    I switched the thermostat to cool and the air started to blow through the registers within a minute. After a while, I walked outside to fire up the grill when I noticed that the heat pump fan was not spinning even though the unit sounded like something was running. In fact, I could feel heat radiating from the unit and carefully touched the casing to get an idea where it might be coming from. It was extremely hot where the fan motor attaches to the top of the casing, and it had that smell of burnt wiring.

    I immediately ran inside and switched the thermostat to off. After waiting a while for the outside unit to cool off, I turned the thermostat to on again and listened to the unit as it sounded like it had kicked on, but the fan still would not I turned it off again.

    This morning, out of curiosity, I used a stick (probably not the smartest method) to turn the seemed to spin freely. So, I turned the thermostat to heat and used the stick to turn the fan again. After a couple of nudges, the fan started up and seemed to run fine. I waited for it to complete the heat cycle and then turned the thermostat to off. After about 10 minutes, I switched it to cool and tried the same thing. Again, after a couple of nudges, the fan started and seemed to run fine.

    Appreciate any info or guidance as to what the problem could be and how much it may end up costing. Thank you.

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    Please read the site rules.

    No DIY and no prices may be posted.

    It is broke. It will be broke worse if you don't get a pro to fix it.

    Several things could be wrong, from $ to $$$ but not $$$$.

    That is the best I can tel you from here without violating site rules.

    Good luck.

    PS: please read the site rules.
    Remember, Air Conditioning begins with AIR.

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    Sorry, Kevin, I must have missed the site rules sticky when I scrolled through that was all the way at the bottom. Seems like something that should be more at the very top. I did, however, read the >>READ THIS FIRST<<NO DIY? WHY NOT?? sticky on the Residential HVAC page. I understand that professional troubleshooting information cannot be provided, especially for safety reasons. I was only hoping to get an idea as to why whether or not there was something seriously wrong or if the fan motor just had a bad sticking point.

    Even though the sticky hear provided an example of how members might help someone looking to light their water heater or furnace, and that I am an electronics technicians with over 20 years of experience...I wouldn't attempt any HVAC repairs as it is something I am unfamiliar with. Again, it was just curiosity. I also noticed the saying, "If I fix it for you it will cost $ this much. If you try to fix it first it will cost you $$$ that much more." I guess I didn't realize this applied to the no pricing rule as indicated under the site rules.

    Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    It was extremely hot where the fan motor attaches to the top of the casing, and it had that smell of burnt wiring.
    I immediately ran inside and switched the thermostat to off
    You did the right thing to avoid even more damage, your next step would be to call your HVAC service provider. If you don't have someone in mind maybe a neighbor could recommend someone they have used with good results.
    Good luck on the unit.

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    Thanks for the reply Captube. The odd thing is that, after I nudged the fan with a stick, it started and is running fine like nothing's wrong. It's running now and the house has cooled down quite a I'll probably shut it off soon just in case. My wife has a number for someone to call who had come out before to replace a terminal board in the air handler located in our attic. Hopefully he'll be able to come out soon. Thanks again.

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    The bad thing that happens when you have to nudge the fan to get it going is what if your not there and the fan doesn't start but allows the compressor to run untill it overheats, then you will be into a lot of dollar signs getting it going.
    Short story is the fan is telling you somethings not right it needs attention

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    I turned the unit off...definitely wasn't going to let it run if I was out for the exact reason you mentioned about not being here if it tried to kick on again. I don't want to cause any more damage or have the fan motor burn up. Besides, it's not too bad in the house now and a professional should be here within the next few hours. Thanks again.

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    Well, the HVAC guy showed up, opened the case, and saw that the run cap was bad. It was bulged and was leaking. Based on all the other forums I've read, this looks like a pretty common failure. He replaced the part and the fan started up right away once we turned the thermostat on to cool.

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    Yep pretty common, thanks for the update.

    This site is really great for homeowners looking for ideas and questions about getting your moneys worth on new equipment so when you are in the market post up some questions.
    Also it's good to know you understand why we don't answer technical problems.

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