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    Smoke Detector Installation HELP!!

    I am installing a smoke detector and inspector says I am to close to elbow. Where in the NFPA 72 or 90A tells or shows you where to install and how close to a elbow you can install detector? Thanks

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    I would ask the inspector..I am unfamiliar with that code can you please inform me. Ask nicely and you should get your answer. There job is not to be the bad guy but to ensure safety and educate contractors.

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    in the inovair booklet shows a picture of an elbow with a distance. other brands probably have the same. install them alot. in jersey only in return. booklet says supply or return, check codes.

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    You are probably installing it too close( <2x diameters) and downstream of the throat. The inspector is right, the eddy currents may miss the sensor as it swirls past. It is just good practice and it is a shame he didn't share the explanation OR was hoping you would disagree so He(?) could show you how smart he was when you had the audacity to question him/her
    You have got to learn from other people's mistakes! Because God knows you don't live long enough to make them all yourself !!!!!!!!

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