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    i have heard that maytag is being bought by haier corpartion....chinese company , i concerned if that will have any effect on maytag hvac since haier also makes cental hvac.....we have been installing maytag's for over a year and simply love them ,the consumers we sell to prefer it over other brands we have sold in the past......but i am worried about this china thing ,has any one heard anything or have any thoughts

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    And the answer is..........

    They are in the discussion phase with a non binding offer to purchase remaining stock at $16 a share. As of Friday the stock was trading at almost $16 anyway. The Chinese company has bought a "home office" in the USA to develop their business. Products from this company are already sold at home stores etc.

    Now on a more personal note: I would not doubt it being acquired. It only makes sense for them to buy a name brand to boost USA sales. Not sure where this is going to stop. Probably will not. Rumors are China is going to introduce a car in the USA for about 10,000 dollars. I know the Chinese tractors are crap and the cars will be too at first. Wait and see though the quality will improve. The Japanese did the same thing. Now they are in the same boat we are. China is going to give us a serious run for our money and economy.

    Kind of sad.

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    That will depend on the contract that Nordyne and Maytag signed.

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    as Beenthere said, it depends upon the contract. Maytag does not make any HVAC equipment. they simply licensed the name to Nordyne. I feel that Nordyne is going to be making Maytag units for years to come. However, i think the whole China thing is really going to tarnish the Maytag name.

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    The chineese have been sucessfull flooding the US markets with nothing but cheap crap and the HVAC market will be no different. You think youve seen bad quality now, just wait untill you have to order parts from china.
    It would cripple their economy if the us didnt buy from china----kinda like what it is doing to ours , buying their stuff

    I work with a guy that is from China . From what he tells me , the quality of the products they use over there is much better than the stuff they sell over here

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