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    ive done a 4 week course at a school in boston for oil heating and have license in mass and in rhode island. i have a good soild year as a heating tech. im now enrolling in a tech school for residential and commercial a/c refrigeration and thats a 11 month course. my question is how good will my resume look when i complete my a/c school? and will i be marketable for a big company?

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    I don't want to knock your enthusiasm... hang in there... but I do have something to say you may not like.

    If you want the jobs with the big companies you need to start small first and work your way up. The big companies will look at a 3 year resume' and make you start as an apprentice.

    This is the part you may not like. School certificates are not a way around paying your dues to be in this business. Everyone must pay their proper due.

    Just my opinion. IMO

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    thanks for the heads up

    i know that getting the exp. is most important and climbing that ladder is the way. im just starting off. so your telling is that getting my feet wet and going through the motion wiil get me there , then let the games begin.

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    In any trade, there's not substitute for time on the job.

    But, there are a lot of guys with years of experience who can teach you the wrong way. A good classroom background is worth something too.

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