Sorry lusker; didn't mean to be a jerk. I didn't come here because it's free, but just because it's the weekend and I wanted to get my AC runnning, plus I like to avoid having people come into my house whenever possible. I'm a builder and I could just ask one of my subs on Mon if I only wanted free advice. I thought the DIY rules here were more directed at guys that try to install an entire system. Once it's fixed, I'll let you guys know if it's the capacitor and/or contactor like I thought initially. Thanks
Originally posted by lusker Something you said earlier really pisses me….

Regardless of your expertise this is still NOT a DIY site. Another thing… we have enough on our business plates during this season to not worry about if this is cutting into our business. Let’s get real here.

You say you didn't break it but it stopped working after you worked on it. Since it is so simple then why are you coming to us to get your system running? Wait… Because it is free!

Sorry… I don’t mean to be a butthead about this but we hear it here and all day at work. Most of these guys have 30 or more years hearing the same old thing. So cut us a little slack... thanks.