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    I have recently put alot into making my home more efficiant. New insuated doors, low-e argon filled double pane windows, insulation blown in to R-40 overhead and R-18 in the walls. I have a very nice fireplace in my Family room and am wondering the best way to insulate that when its not burning. It is a woodburning fireplace that also has the venting for gas logs.
    I have only burned wood in it.

    It has a damper, but I feel airflow around it sometimes. Is there a good way to seal this area up better when Im not actually burning a fire?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Don't know about down there but up here it is a requirement that the damper nust be fixed permanently open when burning gas logs.
    Adding glass doors would help, changing the whole unit out to a direct vent insert is best.

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