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Thread: Best Equipment?

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    What is the best equipment out there.. I mean in a Value sense. I have installed several different brands of Furnace and AC equipment and to be very honest I have really seen the huge difference in quality between the brands. There many common parts that each use and from what I see you pay for a slightly different heat exchanger design perhaps and a different color cabinet. I have installed many Bryant, Heil/Temstar/Airquest (ICP), Luxaire/York, Trane, Janitrol/Goodman, and even a couple of Ducane.

    What do all of you think about quality of equipment.. I understand that you all are bias to the brand that you sell, however is one brand really any better than the other. I would group these brands that I mentioned into two groups Good and better equipment. And I sell more Bryant, Heil, and Luxaire than any other brand, however to be honest it seems that some of these can be more troublesome than the cheap equip. What I am asking is a ranking of the equipment as to Value not just price...

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    Lets leave the lid on this can of worms.
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    Laugh, You are agreeing with me it sounds like. I have several suppliers hounding me to buy their equipment and they all say how much better their equipment is than the other guy but to be honest I dont see it. Well some is better than other like I said I would make 2 groups. I am not trying to open huge can of worms just wondering if I am alone in how I feel

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    The best.......

    The air conditioner that doesn't break down at 2 in the morning on the hottest day of the year when i just got home at 1...

    The furnace that doesn't break down at 2 in the morning on the coldest day of the year when I just got home at 1...

    In all honesty, when I go to a call I never know based on the brand what it's going to be when I get there, it could be the most expensive as well as the cheapest...

    Every brand...EVERY BRAND...has their issues at one time or another...if installed correctly and maintained properly, in my opinion, there is no one worse brand or a better one than the other.

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    Yes This is something that I wondered if anyone would bring up. I believe that installation error has much more to do with problems with hvac systems than the actual equipment brand does.

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    I second your post Senior Tech! Reminds me of when I was skydiving. When it came time to buy a parachute I asked a very experienced jumper which was best. His answer; the best parachute is the one that is open over your head at 1,000 feet.

    Same is true about HVAC. The best is what keeps you comfy.
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