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    I bought a Carrier furnace, 58MXA080 in 1994 and I have had the blower motor replaced THREE times. The last failure was preceded by many intermittent code 13 limit switch lockouts as the motor was late starting and the system overheated. I had 4 service visits to trace the problem, but it only happened intermittently.

    I asked Carrier for some help with the two cent cost of a new motor, but they said that since I didn’t have an annual service last year, it was my fault that the motor failed.

    The last guy that did a service cracked the plastic intake and exhaust pipes. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the service that has anything to do with the blower motor. I clean the electrostatic air cleaner at least 4 times a year in the dishwasher.

    QUESTION: How do I get Carrier to help pay for the cost of the replacement blower motor?

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    Does your state have LEMON laws?
    Three similar/identical repairs and they are out!!!

    Seriously, I don't believe for a minute that an anual inspection can catch ALL potential problems.
    A motor can go bad the day after an inspection.
    Try your state atourney general...

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    Tubes: I have to ask this question. Although I am not a big fan of 'defending' manufacturers, why do you make the immediate assumption that it is a problem with the equipment? You indicate this problem has occurred three (3) times and it took four (4) service trips to isolate the problem? Was this diagnostic work performed by a licensed hvac professional? (Also have to ask, did you do any of the motor replacements yourself?) I have never heard of the 'requirement' of annual service as a condition to warranty an OEM part. How do they know whether or not, or how often you have the unit serviced? Did that statement come from Carrier or from a contractor? You indicate the last guy that did service cracked the intake and exhaust pipes. Did he repair those? How did you go about replacing the motor the earlier times? Did you ask for compensation from Carrier then, and if not, why not? I can't help but believe there is more to this story than you are telling us. Can you elaborate? Why haven't you held the person performing the earlier repairs accountable and have them fight with Carrier instead of you? (unless of course, you changed the motor.)
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    11 year old Carrier Furnace

    11 year old Carrier furnace & you are looking for money from Carrier for parts & repair---it ain't going to happen!

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    The chances of you getting 3 faulty motors are pretty remote. I would be looking very hard at other possible problems contributing to the premature failure of the motors.

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    this might be a good time to check the static pressure of your duct system.....sounds like those motors are over-working.
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    QUESTION: How do I get Carrier to help pay for the cost of the replacement blower motor?

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    3 months between cleaning on an electrostatic filter is usually very hard on a system. First place to look.
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    the question is when are you going to get a real service comapny with a real techntion.

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    i can smell your carrier all the way here in ohio. please get rid of the stench! it is starting to kill the grass as strong aS it is!!!

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    Originally posted by smokin68
    this might be a good time to check the static pressure of your duct system.....sounds like those motors are over-working.

    And is that 'electrostatic' filter a washable filter or the electronic cells for an 'electronic air cleaner'?

    If its the first, that's part of your problem right there. But, (I'm assuming) since you are cleaning them in the D/W, they are electronic air cleaner cells.

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    BTW, as far as Carrier paying for any motors on a '94' unit... that's funny.

    I believe there would have been issues a long time before now, if they had a design problem!

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    get rid of the filter. i will bet the motors are dirty as ever when you have them replaced. pull the cells and prescreens out turn it off and slide in a midia filter or just a cheepy throw away filter and change it once a month

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