OK, this is my first post and it could get long. I have worked on many auto a/c units and have had the air conditioning/refrigeration school in the Navy. I don't consider myself a pro by any means, but probably know enough to be dangerous.

The problem: the condensing fan froze on my Carrier Unit. No Problem I tell my wife. I can fix it! I go to Grainger to get a new motor and they don't have a 1/5 hp motor. The salesman says that a 1/4 hp at the same PRM will work just fine. Off I go with my NEW motor.

Do the change, everything is working and I'm sooo proud of myself. Ten minutes later, the condensing fan motor stops. I had just finished mowing the grass and was blowing of the patio, so decided to use the blower to cool the motor. After a short period of cooling, was able to restart the Unit.

Gave Grainger a call to complain and the NEW salesman asks about the capacitor. Did I change it? I tell him yes. Grainger didn't have a 60/7.5, so the Grainger salesman sent me to Johnstone. I got a new 60/7.5 from Johnstone and installed it.

The New salesman tells me that THAT is what the problem is. This motor takes a 5 mfd not a 7.5 mfd. Would that make that much of a difference?

I go to Grainger to get a 60/5 mfd capacitor and they don't have one. They tell me to use the 60 on the dual and wire up a single 5 mfd for the fan motor.

I did all this and the condensing fan motor is running just fine. UNTIL...it's Saturday and I'm at work, 65 miles from home and my wife calls and the A/C is out. Now what do I do??? I started making calls and everyone can make it out on Monday afternoon. Now, living in Phoenix at this time of year, this is NOT an option.

I finally found a company that would send someone out for a $69.95 call charge. I was actually happy about this. I then started worrying about the wife having to deal with this guy. It is not an easy thing for me to leave work, but I was able to work it out and got to my house before the Tech.

I explained the whole story to him, so he checks the running current on the motor. It's running 2.2 - 2.25 amps. The motor plate rates it at 2.2-2.3. He tells me the new motor is BAD. He says that the plate rating is the max rating and that is why it is over heating the motor. Ok, red flag rises. He then hooks up his gauge set and informs me that my unit is short. He would need to add some freon to it. Another red flag!

Oh, I say. How short is it??? He tells me that the suction pressure is running at 50# and it should run at 70#. It's 108 degrees with 7% humidity and this guy is telling me that he knows all this by just checking the suction pressure.

I was so happy to get a Tech on Saturday afternoon, I decided not to give him any grilling and let him charge the unit. So I wrote him a check for $150 and he went away and I still had motor problems.

I pulled the motor and went to Grainger to exchange it. Been a week now and the new motor has never tripped. I figure that maybe the thermals on the first motor may have been weak.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this book that I just wrote. Should I call this company again when I need work, or should I find someone else????