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    Had a service call last week...A/C split tripping breaker.
    Suction head pressure OK,
    SH & SC OK,
    Air flow OK,
    Amperage draw OK,
    Megger readings OK,
    Customer NOT playing with T stat OK,

    2 days later compressor blew...
    relace whole unit under warranty, compressor not available

    1 day later breaker keeps tripping

    installed a time delay before the contactor and set for 5 minutes...

    everything now works great..

    this is an FYI posting.., hope it helps

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    Originally posted by key
    Had a service call last week...A/C split tripping breaker.
    Short cycling? Make and model of thermostat?

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    sounds like the problem is still there.....the time delay just prevents the short cycle.
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    Weak breaker or loose wires.

    Did you pull the panel cover to check for a good conection ? Or hot breaker ?

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Who manufactured the equipment?

    I'd have to agree with smokin68--sounds like problem is still there. I've seen a few units that trip because of a loose wire at the breaker.
    Sean Cantrell

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    You said time delay "fixed" the problem. My guess is that your problem still there. Are you shure system is not short cycling?

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