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    according book, the start compacitor is cylinder and plastic case. the run compacitor is metal case and oval. but I met one residentianl air conditon has a plastic case and cylinder capacitor(35uf+5uf). it confused me, because I think all of the residential capacitor is run capacitor. does anybody can tell me is it possible start capacitor?

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    that 35,5 is a run.

    Its known as a dual run capacitor.

    The terminals should be marked herm, fan, com.
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    A start cap will be round and black (most of them). A run cap will be oval or round, metal or plastic.

    The start cap will have a mfd range ie... 77-83 mfd or 225-243 mfd.
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    That 35uf + 5uf is a run capacitor. 35uf for your compressor (Herm) and 5uf for your OD fan motor (fan)
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    it is very apreciated for all of the valuble information . I just judge the capacitor by appearence before . now I can know it for sure, just like Mr karsthuntr said. the start capacitor have a range of mfd, but the run capacitor has a accurate mfd.

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    Run capacitor are filled with oil (for cooling and are totally sealed.
    Run capacitors traditionally were made of metal, some are now made of a soft plastic.

    Start capacitors I've seen are of an old style hard plastic material called bakelite. The are filled with paper and a paste material, have a metal retainer holding the top on and a thin circular pressure vent in the top.

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